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Part I. Preparing  400 Dutch Bikes.

Ov-Fiets bike. Courtesy of Dutch Railways. Vancouver 2010.

Ov-Fiets bike. Courtesy of Dutch Railways. Vancouver 2010.

To promote the Netherlands during the 2010 Olympics, as a bike-friendly country, the Netherlands General Consulate provided as a service, their public bike rental fleet near its welcome pavilion, Heineken House in Richmond, BC. OV-Fiets is the brand bike rental fleet that is provided at various Dutch Railway stations throughout the Netherlands. OV-Fiets means ‘public transport bicycle’.

First task was to prepare all shiny blue and yellow OV-Fiets  bikes for the 10 kms. ignaural mass ride to kick-off  the Dutch 2010 festivities.  In one long day, Reckless bike store owner Paul Dragan and his tireless crew of six Vancouver staff members,  managed to unload, make mechanical adjustments and safety checks for 400 brand new bikes.  Paul credits  “Canadian and Dutch efficiency” for a job originally estimated for two work days

Reckless bike store owner, Paul Dragan & son Maximillian.

Reckless bike store owner, Paul Dragan & son Maximillian Feb. 2010. Photo by A. Bargen.

In addition to Paul, enthusiastic Reckless crew members for a job well-done were: Matt Johnson, Glenn AHert, Damian Spoorer, Takesh Hatta and 8-yr. old Maximillian Dragan. They were assisted by two Dutch Railways staff members, Gerrie and Arnold.

Each one-size, one-speed bike was equipped with an individually numbered frame lock and key, Schwabe 700 cc tires with full fenders plus  pedal-powered front and rear lights.  The bike frame was made in China, wheels laced and assembled in the Netherlands, while other components were from Taiwan and assembled in Sri Lanka.  This bike was a global effort.

This was a mighty handsome fleet of bikes for simple cycling around town.

Ov-Fiets’ web site is only in Dutch. But there are more photos of the bike and the Dutch Railways’ rental scooters.


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