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Winter cyclist. Calgary, AB 2011. Photo by HJEH Becker

Winter cyclist. Calgary, AB 2011. Photo by HJEH Becker

 In the midst of work on the just released blog for the Velo-city Global 2012 Cycling Conference, I discovered Third Wave Cycling Blog was featured internationally on the new EcoPressed blog

I’m one of the featured bloggers.  EcoPressed  highlights WordPress.com blogs with an environmental focus.  It is a partnership between WordPress, the ever-popular blogware and an advertising firm.  For this business partnership, there is for them, a blog monetization objective  — probably based on number of page views and clicks.  (This opinion is partially based on blogsphere scuttlebutt amongst some experienced WordPress bloggers.) 

I am not certain of the criteria selection that was used to pluck us out from thousands of blogs world-wide.  You can see  EcoPressed’s range, depth and scope for different blog topic coverage even within a subject niche:   quite mixed.

However for small firms like Third Wave Cycling, and for small-time bloggers like myself, it’s a pleasant boost.  It was early March when I noticed one day an unusual statistical spike in reader views.  Believe me, it was not an avalanche. But enough that I didn’t quite understand initially the cause, since EcoPressed highlighted an article that I wrote back in January 2011.  Usually the number of reader views spikes on the same day or shortly after publication release.

Anyway,  I have embedded the ghostly image of a winter cyclist:   fame is fleeting.  Many months from now, you may find my profile moved  deeper into the WordPress.com digital archives  and alas, becomes hidden.   But for now, here is the page.   The  Third Wave Cycling blog post that was featured on March 8th,  in EcoPressed was Winter Cycling and Cycling Infrastructure:  Stuck in a Snowbank or Moving  Along?

We welcome exposure to a completely different audience, to share with them on how cycling and hence, communities can change lives –even one bike wheel spin at a time.


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